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Liturgies, Heritage and Meditation

"When there are thoughts, it is distraction;  when there are no thoughts, it is meditation."  Ramana Maharshi

The beach is my meditation. 
I sit. 
I listen. 
I watch. 
I feel the sun. 
I feel the wind. 

I feel the sand. I hear the waves. I hear the laughter. I watch the horizon. I watch the children. I can't seem to think one thought.  I try. Any thought would be distraction. And no thought even comes to distract. If I read, it is frivolity. No thinking required. Pure superficiality.
The beach is my meditation.  

When I lived on the California coast, I jogged at the beach, I walked on beach; kept my chair and towel in my car to sit and read for a hour or two to unwind from my day.  Drove to the beach in the predawn light to meditate on God's word and fellowship with Him. Many parties were held at the beach. Many glasses of wine savored watching the sunset over the ocean.  Many romantic walks, fingers entwined. Many tears shed processing life while the sun melted behind the Cha…

Stages of Faith

A Classical look at Faith through the Trivium