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True Confessions

I am an introvert.
According to Myers/Briggs, an INTJ, to be exact:   Introverted Intuition with Thinking.   Oh my! This describes me to a "T."  
As an introvert, I turn inward to think, feel, process and decipher situations and feelings.  I always seem to be on a quest for truth; wanting above all else, to get to the key issue in a circumstance.  And because of how God made me and because of His hand upon me, He has turned me to Him and His word, as well as other true sources of His general revelation, for answers to life's twists and turns.  As an introvert, I enjoy reading, journaling, and time alone - any contemplative activity to keep the peace within.

Most of the pros and cons of my personality have been evident to me for a long time.  For pros, I am highlycreative and visionary, perfectionistic and independent.  For cons, I am stubborn and unrealistic, critical and independent.  Yet thankfully, the Lord graciously continues to reveal my blind spots - especially be…